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Important Information for Those Attending A Doctoral Residency

We are excited for you to attend our upcoming Doctoral Residency. The following information is provided to answer questions and help you prepare for your time in Arizona.

Mini Fridges

Mini Fridges are provided in each room at the hotel. However, if you need a mini fridge for medication please contact Disability Services to see if there are additional resources for you. 

Dress Code

Students should be prepared to attend residency in business casual attire. The weather in Arizona during this time of year can be very hot, dry and dusty. Light colored cotton clothing is recommended. Please note that the break out sessions will be held in large rooms in the conventions center of the hotel and the air conditioning may cause it to be chilly. A light sweater or jacket would also be recommended. 

Please note that there is beautiful tile throughout the resort. Please consider this when deciding on appropriate shoes to pack and bring with you to the Residency. Please note, if you will be attending the Residency, and have mobility or stability concerns we suggest wearing tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes.


Arizona's climate can be very dry and dusty. Additionally, the summer months are monsoon season. Monsoon storms, which are an Arizona Weather season, can consist of large dust storms, wind, and rain. Phoenix is also a metropolitan city that can have high pollution advisories. It is important to understand that the climate can exacerbate certain medical conditions such as asthma and allergies. If you are sensitive or have allergies it is recommended to pack any medications or resources that you have a prescription for, even if you do not require them there. If you have concerns about your health and wellness, we would recommend that you contact the Disability Office.

Also, please check the local weather conditions for the Phoenix area for the duration of your stay prior to arriving for the Residency. 

If you have documented medical needs that might fall under this category, or have questions about your health issue and visiting the Phoenix area, please contact Disability Services or review the Steps to Accommodations. 

Food Allergies

Three meals and two snacks will be provided daily to the GCU student attending the Doctoral Residency. (Except on Monday the arrival day, only dinner will be provided and on Friday the departure day, only breakfast will be provided.) These meals will be served in a stationary location. Each meal will have a vegetarian option. Please note that meals will not be provided for guests that may be traveling with the student. Please contact the Disability Office to discuss severe food allergies. 


Students can have friends or family accompany them to the Doctoral Residency. There are several activities and amenities available through the Hotel and in the area for guests to enjoy while the student attends their required sessions. 

Please note that family members that accompany the student will do so at their own expense and are not permitted to participate in GCU sponsored activities; including meals. GCU is not liable for any accompanying family members. 

Please note that if a family member travelling with you to the Residency requires disability services please contact the Disability Office.