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Housing Accommodation Requests

All housing accommodation requests are subject to availability and are determined on a first come first serve basis.

To request special housing accommodations based on a major medical issue, students are required to first complete the Housing Application. Students must then complete the Steps to Accommodations through Student Disability Services at Grand Canyon University.  

Students requesting to have a specific roommate as part of their disability issue are limited to one preferential roommate and should include that student's information on their accommodation request. If the request is a food allergy issue or dietary related, students will also need to review the Meal Plan Waiver Process Map.  

Housing Options   

Student Disability Services has specific room options available in each type of dwelling the university offers. If a student is approved for housing accommodations, Student Disability Services will notify the student of their approved placement, and a verification of the placement will come from Housing via email. (Please see Disability Services: Housing Accommodations Request Process map).  

Denied Requests  

Denied requests for housing accommodations will receive an official denial email. Students wanting to appeal that determination can do so by sending a reply email to the official denial. The appeal will be reviewed based on the availability of the university housing inventory and in coordination with Student Affairs. 

Housing Accommodations Request Process Map