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Obtaining an eBook

The Disability Office now has the ability to obtain eBooks for courses that are not currently part of the University's eBook initiative. The eBook program is primarily available to low-vision, blind, and dyslexic students. Other students may request eBooks if they can provide a suitable rationale in their accommodations requests. Students interested in requesting an eBook must follow the steps as outlined below.

1)      Students must self-select to the Disability Office and complete the "Steps to Accommodations".

2)      Once approved to receive services, the student will need to request the eBook as part of their accommodations. Students will need to allow up to 10 business days to ensure the Disability Office has sufficient time to process their request.

3)      The Disability Office will check various sources for the availability of an electronic version of the required text for the student's classes and the student will be encouraged to purchase the book in an electronic version from the publisher if available. If the Disability Office has to create the electronic version, students will be required to purchase a hard copy of the book and provide the Disability Office with your proof of purchase. This is required in order for us to request permission from the publisher to provide the digital content. (Proof of purchases can be the receipt for the book, or the email confirmation of your purchase online.)

4)      Once the proof of purchase is received and the publisher gives permission, and the Disability Office will load the book into the student's Angel classroom for them. Only that student will have access to the eBook. Please note that due to Publisher's copy right, the Disability Office cannot fulfill requests for digital content if textbooks have been rented. If you have questions concerning the process for obtaining eBooks, please contact the Disability Office at 602-639-6342

If eBooks are already available through Canyon Connect, the Disability Office will assist the student in locating the book in their classroom.