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Dr. John Bryan earned degrees include a BA in Chemistry from UC San Diego, an MBA in Operations and Marketing from Rutgers Graduate School of Management, and a DBA from University of Phoenix. Dr. Bryan's dissertation title was "Regional Transitions from Conflict to Post-conflict: Observed Leadership Practices". His areas of current research interest include post-conflict leadership; cultural and demographic distinctions in leadership preferences. He also has an on-going study of leadership in Uganda that includes more than 7,500 respondents to a survey and another study with more than 1,000 respondents from 71 countries.

Professionally, Dr. Bryan has been an intentional, full-time business consultant since 1985. He founded eProcesses Consulting in 1999 to help clients migrate strategic applications to the internet and implement strategic change. This endeavor was based on the work of my two co-founders in developing the customer service operations for Amazon and my experience with Eastman Chemical, RJR Nabisco, MCI, Marriott, Burlington Northern, and other clients. Dr. John Bryan currently works with companies and countries to implement strategic change. Since 2000, he has helped launch 15 companies since 2000; 9 of which are still operational.

Dr. Bryan has been the Chair of the Board of Alliance for African Assistance since 2004 and of the Alliance Health Clinic since 2009. Since 2010, he has been Membership Chair of the San Diego Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants. After more than 35 years in business, Dr. Bryan has learned that implementing strategic change is more a matter of leadership than planning and that sustainable business success requires leadership, continuous innovation and improvement, and vision.

John enjoys helping people in academic and non-academic settings find their purpose; the place for them for which they are uniquely and wonderfully made. His primary strategy in helping students is to help them discover context and relevance in the material. In John's spare time, he enjoys singing (pop and praise), golf, playing acoustic guitar, learning, and mentoring.

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