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Patricia Dolasinski

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Dr. Patricia Dolasinski's undergraduate education focused on English and Journalism, where she earned a BA at the University of Detroit. Her advanced degrees were in the field of education with a Masters in Education and Doctorate in Educational Leadership; earned at Margrove College and Northern Arizona University, respectively. Dr. Dolasinski's areas of research are focused in educational leadership. Her doctoral work centered on elements of effective schools and the impact upon secondary schools of excellence. Professionally, Dr. Dolasinski has a wealth of experience within the realm of education, having held positions as a teacher, coordinator, administrator, principal, and grant writer from the preschool to doctoral level. Throughout her experiences, she has learned that hard work couple with strong interpersonal skills and awareness of service to others is the most rewarding path to follow.

Dr. Dolasinski loves sharing her knowledge and 30 years of education experience with others. The greatest reward to her is helping others to achieve their goals through support and encouragement, as well as offering constructive feedback to provide specificity, guidance and strong modeling. Strategically, Dr. Dolasinski looks for strengths in her students. Secondly, she uses strengths as opportunities to scaffold and enhance opportunities for growth. This allows for the process of raising questions to stimulate student thinking and to encourage critical thinking and synergistic considerations. Patricia enjoys reading, writing short stories, jogging, practicing yoga and cooking.

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