Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Voice Performance

Overview: Strengthen Your Vocal and Chorus Performance Skills

The College of Fine Arts and Production aims to develop your skills in harmonizing, singing and vocal arrangements. Our Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Voice Performance is the perfect program to embrace your passion for singing and exercise your talents onstage. In this vocal performance program, you receive a strong liberal arts foundation that focuses on effective communication, critical thinking and the Christian worldview.

The voice performance degree program integrates theory with practical application and performance. Progressive classes and private voice lessons encourage you to strengthen your vocal skills and improve your range. Learning is supplemented with multiple opportunities to perform, including recitals and performance ensembles with peers. This program culminates with a senior, solo recital, hosted by Grand Canyon University's music department.

Degree Outcomes: Explore the Foundation of Music and Voice

In the Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Voice Performance degree program, you advance your knowledge of vocal range, collaboration with other instruments, solo performance, pedagogy and counterpoint. You review voice, piano and instrument techniques and hone your skills in arranging, choral conducting and teaching. Ample opportunities to perform as part of an ensemble and on your own increase your comfort and familiarity with the stage.

What You Will Learn: Comprehensive Voice Performance Curriculum

In this vocal performance program, you review a wide range of topics, including:

  • Orchestration and arranging
  • Piano pedagogy and conducting
  • Advanced choral conducting
  • Contrapuntal practice from the 18th century
  • Classic piano and voice
  • Form and analysis of structures in music

Career Outcomes: Future Careers for Voice Performance Majors

Common careers with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Voice Performance include singer, backup singer, vocal coach, choir director and performance instructor. Potential workplaces include television and film production agencies, music production agencies, radio stations, private clubs or organizations and small bands or performance groups.

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:

Main Campus

Enjoy Grand Canyon University\'s traditional campus experience. As of fall 2014, our 179-acre campus serves a growing student population of approximately 11,000. New modern classrooms, suite-style residence halls, popular dining options, resort-style swimming pools and a focus on creating a rich student life make GCU a top choice for high school graduates and transfer students.

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