Bachelor of Science in Health Science in Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care is a degree program designed for health care professionals who have graduated from accredited certificate and/or associate degree programs and wish to acquire baccalaureate-level competencies in health sciences theory and professional health care issues.

Students graduating from this health science degree program are better positioned to advance in their careers as health care professionals or within an allied health profession. To succeed, advance and remain competitive in a continuously changing health care industry, it is imperative that all health care professionals gain a more comprehensive understanding of the evolving health care system, including current and future regulatory requirements, trends in practice guidelines and new standards for quality and performance.

The Bachelor of Science program prepares health care professionals to meet these complex demands and may open doors to professional opportunities, particularly for those seeking middle-management and supervisory positions. The allied health professions are distinct from dentistry, optometry, medicine and nursing and encompass a great range of career opportunities, including the following roles: dietitian/nutritionist, EMT, health care administrator, medical assistant, medical transcriptionist, respiratory therapist and physical therapist.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree with an emphasis in Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care examines the following topics: advanced patient care, risk management and health care regulations, transcultural care, ethics, applied statistics and research application in health care. Particular emphasis is placed on current issues and trends affecting professional practice and health policy.

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The dynamic capabilities of GCUs online curriculum offer considerable flexibility and convenience for career oriented professionals who are pursuing their educational goals. Full time faculty members, equipped with strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in their fields, support you every step of the way. Our small class sizes provide an intimate environment that stimulates engaging and challenging discussions. Classes begin frequently.

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