Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Emphasis in English) Initial Program - Leads to Initial Teacher Licensure

The Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in English prepares you to become a junior high or high school English teacher, who is seeking initial teacher licensure. This degree will provide you with significant content knowledge to meet the needs of 21st Century learners by specializing in English. The format and courses of this regionally accredited and Arizona State Board of Education approved program are designed to maximize the content knowledge that the teacher candidate will possess upon graduation.

As a teacher of secondary education, the coursework may include topics such as: curriculum development, classroom management, cultural diversity, English as a Second Language, methods of teaching technology in education, and educational psychology. All core courses are directly aligned with professional teaching standards and the associated national content standards.

To become a high school English teacher, this degree program requires additional coursework that includes a study of English and American literature, Shakespeare and how his works are received cross culturally, British and American novels, and a study of English grammar and linguistics. Content courses are aligned to the professional standards of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Opportunities are provided to apply concepts, theories, and research throughout the program. Assignments within many of the courses guide students through 120 hours of practicum/field experiences prior to student teaching, and the final semester of the program includes a full-time, 16-week student teaching component.

After successfully completing this degree, additional content areas may be added post-graduation through supplemental coursework and/or through passage of a state-developed content area test.

This program is offered in the following formats or locations:


The dynamic capabilities of GCUs online curriculum offer considerable flexibility and convenience for career oriented professionals who are pursuing their educational goals. Full time faculty members, equipped with strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in their fields, support you every step of the way. Our small class sizes provide an intimate environment that stimulates engaging and challenging discussions. Classes begin frequently.

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* Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information. Program subject to change.

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