Master of Business Administration

Grand Canyon University's Master of Business Administration degree provides students with the capacity for transformational leadership through the application of business practices. In todays competitive job market, an MBA or Master of Business Administration degree is highly sought after, and in some cases required to be considered for some executive level positions.

The proven principles of servant leadership and values-based management are infused in the Grand Canyon University MBA program, preparing our graduates to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit within their organizations. Many MBA students have been able to immediately apply the principles learned in the classroom directly to their job.

For students who meet the prerequisites, you can earn your MBA in just 34 credits, graduating in only 18 months. To qualify, students must have earned a bachelors degree in business or have met the accounting, finance and statistics prerequisites. For those who do not meet these requirements, a 46-credit program is available.

A broad range of business topics and principles will be explored in the MBA program including the key concepts of leadership and strategic management. Students will discuss the formulation and execution strategies within organizations and how to stay competitive in a global marketplace. Accounting and finance topics will be explored from both the basic principles to managerial concepts including forecasting and raising funds in capital markets. The MBA program encourages students to be informed critical thinkers and decision makers through active research and the application of quantitative methods that transform raw data into useful information.

For an additional 8 credits, students can earn an MBA emphasis in one of the following areas: Accounting, Finance, Health Systems Management, Leadership, Marketing, and Strategic Human Resource Management.

To meet the needs of todays working adult, GCU offers a variety of options for attending class. Students can pursue their online MBA, attend class one evening per week at select locations, or enroll in the traditional Master of Business Administration program offered during the day on campus.

* Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information. Program subject to change.

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