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You can book a tutor two business days after you have logged in to your class. Log in to your Learning Management System classroom today.

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To Schedule Your Appointment

We have moved to TutorTrac, a new tutor scheduling system that provides students a more expansive method of selecting tutoring appointments. View the tutorial on how to schedule a tutoring appointment for TutorTrac.

To check your GCU email for confirmation of your appointment, to go microsoftonline and login using your student credentials. All sessions are 30 minutes long and are scheduled for the "Arizona Time Zone". You may book up to two 30-minute sessions per day. Please have the following information available:

  • Indicate whether you want an on-campus or an online session.
  • Student ID #
  • Assignment requirements
  • Specific questions related to your content

On-Campus Sessions: The Learning Lounge is located in Building 16. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check-in. 

Online Sessions: Log on to your computer, your student portal, and have your email open before the start of your session. The tutor will call you at the specified time.

The Lounge encourages students to make an appointment 3-7 days before an assignment due date. Although we suggest 2-3 sessions a week, students may receive two 30-minute appointments of free tutoring per day, and can schedule every day for up to two weeks in advance and based on tutor availability.

Preparing For Your Session

  • Please have your Lopes ID number ready. You can do this by logging into the GCU student portal. Click on "My Profile", then "My Information", where you will find the school ID number.
  • Strive to complete your homework first, then bring specific questions to the tutoring session.
  • Gather all the materials you will need during your tutoring session. Books, notes, links, etc.
  • Email homework assignment necessary for the tutor to view to the tutors email or the Lounge.

What to Expect During Your Session

  • If you booked an online meeting, the tutor will call you.
    • If you do not answer or are late for an in-person meeting, the tutor will call again 3 minutes after the scheduled start of the session. An email reminder will also be sent to the address provided when you booked the appointment. One final call will be made after the email is sent.
  • Expect the tutor to ask questions about your homework concepts; this helps to find a starting point.
  • Tutors may ask you to read a concept or excerpt aloud since this can help clarify areas of confusion.
  • Tutors will not complete the homework questions, but will help you to understand the concepts and principles that help you prepare an answer.

Cancellations / No-Shows

  • A student's session must be cancelled up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled session.
  • If a student does not show up to the session, or was not available to be reached by telephone or email they will be considered a no-show.
  • Students will no longer have access to Lounge tutoring for the duration of that term after 3 no-shows per term.

For online appointments, please call the Learning Lounge at 602-639-8901 if you are not called in the first five minutes of your session. Please contact your Student Services Advisor for specific questions about your individual course or program.

Need a Tutor Today?

Sign up for our online notification process to receive text messages when other students cancel an appointment.

  • To receive notification of open Writing Tutoring, text @GCULL to 786-393-6772
  • To receive notification of open Math Tutoring, text @mathwalk to 786-393-6772
  • After receiving the text, be the first to call 602-639-8901