Digital Film Degree

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the digital film industry? Grand Canyon University's College of Fine Arts and Production has a rich, 50-year history of producing talented performance artists and creative individuals.

The digital film degree is designed to develop leaders in the fields of narrative film and video production. The program is built on developing a strong foundation in narrative storytelling, technical skills and the hands-on experience necessary to design and deliver poignant messages.

GCU digital film students may choose emphases in either Production or Screenwriting. The Production emphasis is for students interested in the technical side of filmmaking, whereas the Screenwriting emphasis involves writing and molding stories into films. The film production and film screenwriting students start with the same core courses but each emphasis involves four extra courses (16 credits) tailored toward their desired specialization.

Grand Canyon University's digital film degree program is unique among others of its kind in that it allows students the opportunity to start creating productions within their first two years, rather than waiting up to three years into the program.

Digital Film Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Production 
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting