Prerequisite Courses

The following prerequisite courses MUST be completed prior to admission to the Athletic Training Program.

UNV 103 - University Success
ENG 105 - English Composition I
ENG 106 - English Composition II
MAT 134 - Applications of Algebra
CWV 101 - Christian Worldview
BIO 155 (or BIO 201 and BIO 202) - Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 155L (or BIO 201L and BIO 202L) - Anatomy & Physiology Lab
EXS 214 - Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (only accepted from GCU)
EXS 214L - Care & Prevention Lab (only accepted from GCU)
BIO 253 -  Emergency Care for Acute Injuries (only accepted from GCU)

Students MUST review the following program essentials:
For course descriptions, view the Academic Catalog 
For general academic requirements and regulations, view the GCU Policy Handbook  

Are you a transfer student?
Courses MUST be approved by GCU before transfer. Please speak with an Student Services Advisor for more information. See above courses that MUST be taken at GCU.

For admittance into the clinical portion of the athletic training program, please complete the Program Application and Clinical Course Requirements Check Sheet.