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Students with Foreign Credentials

What is a student with foreign credentials? Students who are non-US Citizens and/or have studied secondary school, college, university, technical or vocational schools outside of the USA or in a US Protectorate (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Marianas Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia). This includes any prospective students who are also currently residing outside of the USA and wish to take a degree seeking program via GCU's online modality.

GCU currently has over 3,000 students that come from over 100 countries with foreign credentials currently living in the USA and in various countries throughout the world.

GCU has a dedicated group of admissions, finance and academic counselors that have experience working with students that have foreign credentials.

GCU has pre-established services with Foreign Credentials Services of America (FCSA) to perform professional evaluations for the students and Berlitz for those students who require a test of English as a foreign language.

Pre-Established Services

Grand Canyon University also offers  pre-established services for students with Foreign Credits, including the following: 

Foreign Credentials Services of America*(FCSA) performs professional evaluations for the students. These services must originate through GCU.

Berlitz for those students who require a test of English as a foreign language. 

AETS - American Evaluation and Translation Services (for document translations only). These Services must originate through GCU for reduced pricing structure available for students. 

Berlitz Language Evaluation - Available for undergraduate students needing to fulfill lower division credits.