Grand Canyon University Transfer Credits

At Grand Canyon University, we are committed to making the process of transferring colleges as easy as possible. To help you understand the college transfer process, we have prepared informative guides and transfer documents so you know how your credits may transfer and what degrees may complement your other degrees or credits.

Lopes Unofficial Credit Evaluation

Find out how your previous college credits and military experience will transfer to GCU with our Lopes Unofficial Credit Evaluation. This complimentary service is designed to help you estimate your GCU transfer credits and how quickly you can earn your degree at GCU.

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GCU Transfer Credits Policies

GCU has developed college transfer policies that are helpful to know and use throughout the transfer process. You may transfer a total of 30 credits from alternative transfer credit options, including national exams, GCU-approved certificates and the Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA). To read more about GCU's college transfer policies, browse the University Policy Handbook.

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National Exams

National exams offer you a way to demonstrate mastery of course content, without sitting through the class. You can earn up to 30 GCU transfer credits toward your bachelor’s degree through these tests.

Advanced Placement (AP) exams offer you the ability to test your knowledge in many content areas, with the outcome of possibly earning college credit.

  • Learn more about the exams in the Transfer Course Search page.
  • Speak with your university counselor to verify your AP exam will count toward your major or degree program.

If you are interested in taking an AP exam, visit for more information.

An evaluation of language proficiency from the Berlitz Institute may be accepted for credit. You can take exams for any language assessed by Berlitz. Credit will satisfy foreign language requirements.

  • Refer to the Transfer Course Search page for more information.
  • Check with your university counselor to make sure the exam you want to take covers the appropriate content areas.

Berlitz has provided GCU with a Berlitz Student Guide to help answer questions regarding the Berlitz language exam. You will be required to complete the Berlitz GCU foreign language test application to apply for this testing option. For more information, visit

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to receive credit for knowledge you achieved through independent study, previous coursework, job training, etc

  • Review the exams within the Transfer Course Search page and decide which test you are interested in taking. 
  • Contact your university counselor to verify that content is needed as a program requirement.

For more information about taking a CLEP exam, visit the College Board's CLEP test center.

Formerly DANTES exams, the Prometric DSST exams are an opportunity to earn college credits by demonstrating content knowledge.

  • Visit the Transfer Course Search page to see a complete list of Prometric DSST exams. 
  • Work with your university counselor to ensure the exam will help you earn credit toward your program.

Visit DSST for more information about taking an exam.

Lifelong Learning Assessment

The Lifelong Learning Assessment (LLA) provides you with an opportunity to earn GCU transfer credits based on work and life experiences. Learn more about the LLA and how you can earn credits.

Concurrent Enrollment Pathway in Nursing

The need for highly qualified nurses continues to rise, making it imperative that students like you who are pursuing an advanced nursing education have a direct path to their degree. GCU works with community colleges across the country to provide a concurrent enrollment pathway for nursing students to work toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Bridge to Master of Science in Nursing pathway, which may be attractive to hospitals and clinics that are interested in maintaining magnet status.

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Key Benefits of GCU’s Concurrent Enrollment Pathway

  • Obtain a degree that employers are looking for. A 2022 AACN survey revealed that more than 71% of healthcare employers strongly prefer hiring graduates with at least a BSN.1
  • Learn core competencies of a bachelor's-prepared nurse.
  • Save money! You will receive a significant tuition reduction on your GCU concurrent enrollment courses. 
  • Save time by focusing on coursework related to BSN core competencies rather than electives and foundational courses.

Concurrent Enrollment Pathway Can Prepare You for These GCU Degrees

This concurrent enrollment pathway helps prepare you to earn one of the following degrees: 

American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2022, Nov. 16). 2022 Data on New Nurse Graduates and Employers Preferences. Retrieved on May 9, 2023.