The Theatre Audition Process

Picture of student taking an acting class

All incoming students are required to audition or interview for acceptance into the Theatre Education or Theatre and Drama programs at the College of Fine Arts and Production.

For the audition, prepare two contrasting monologues from published plays that total no more than four minutes in length. We suggest a Shakespearean monologue but this is not a requirement. If you choose to interview with your directing, designing or stage management work, you must bring a portfolio that highlights your work. This audition will also determine whether the student will be awarded a theatre scholarship.

The auditions last for about 15 minutes and they will be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. You must register online 5 days prior to each scheduled audition.

Schedule an audition

Location: Building 43, Colter, Room 200

Digital Submission:

Out-of-region, out-of-state and international students may apply for admission and performance scholarships by submitting a video URL or DVD. If you are unclear whether you are eligible for digital submission, please contact your admissions representative. 

Michael Kary