GCU Digital Design Department

If you have a knack for seeing the detail in any form of art, the GCU Digital Design department provides an environment for you to work toward gaining design experience while building your portfolio. Inside the College of Arts and Media, hands-on design projects start from day one. With no portfolio requirement for admission, students start quickly and focus on employability with a strong design foundation for all students in the areas of social media, web design, user experience, motion graphics, graphic design and advertising.

Digital design students can have the opportunity to work on campus in many departments to gain a wide variety of experience. This includes GCU Athletics, promotions, social media, student engagement and more.

Digital Design Degrees

GCU Digital Design teaches skills in which students can take directly into the workforce. Students may take a digital design degree with emphases in animation to learn about the next generation of multimedia art, or web design where students learn the aspects of best user experience for web applications.

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GCU Digital Design Faculty

GCU Digital Design students learn under faculty that are knowledgeable in their respective industry. These faculty members teach assignments that are made in conjunction with the Industry Advisory Board to help students connect to employable skills.

Digital Design Community

GCU Digital Design students are part of a collaborative and supportive community that empowers and teaches students to be better designers. Students have access to quality facilities and numerous design showcases throughout the year to network and receive valuable feedback.


The facilities and equipment that students can use at GCU are built to align with design industry standards. These are areas in which students of any design major can collaborate with their peers in a shared space. The design facilities at GCU include the:

  • Digital Design Student Collaboration Lab
  • Drawing Studio
  • Photo Studio

Request more information today to see how you can be a part of GCU Digital Design.

Digital Design Showcase Opportunities

GCU Digital Design students create work that is not only ready for their own portfolio, but also ready for design competitions and employers after they graduate. Throughout your time at GCU, you may continue to uphold the positive reputation within the community set by GCU Digital Design alumni by seeking to improve your experience through peer support and connections with local industry groups.

Design students present their work as part of the Senior Showcase, the required capstone for all design majors. Other showcase opportunities for GCU students include:

  • Professional Critiques
  • Design United
  • Phoenix Design Week

Take a look at some of the work done by students in our Student Showcase page.

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Academic Relationships

GCU Digital Design and Canyon Ventures helps bring the ideas of GCU student entrepreneurs to life. GCU’s Canyon Ventures is designed as a startup business accelerator, giving students a centralized opportunity for employment by a variety of startup organizations. With guidance from knowledgeable instructors, digital design students from GCU can prepare themselves to provide the branding and messaging required by startup companies, including logo and website design, social media strategy and content marketing.

GCU’s startup business accelerator, Canyon Ventures, housed 25 companies and employed 73 GCU students and 24 GCU alumni as of March 2023.

Other companies and organizations that GCU Digital Design has a relationship with include:

  • Lane Terralever
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  • Phoenix Design Week
  • Adobe
  • Heart and Soul Marketing
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