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Grand Canyon University's Liberal Arts Degrees

Grand Canyon University's liberal arts degrees don't just prepare you for a job, they prepare you for a richer life. You will enhance your intellectual knowledge and develop critical thinking skills that will stay with you long after graduation.  A liberal arts degree from Grand Canyon University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences presents you with an expansive educational foundation, preparing you for a variety of exciting, in-demand career choices.

Our liberal arts degrees are focused on broadening critical thinking skills through the presentation of an up-to-date and relevant curriculum. This foundational mission is accomplished by an engaging faculty who integrate Christian perspectives throughout their academic disciplines.  The student-focused Christian leaders in our classrooms engage, challenge and impart lessons of personal responsibility to young adults seeking to understand and validate their Christian beliefs in the context of careers and life in our diverse world. 

No matter what career you choose, a liberal arts degree can make your journey more successful, impactful and fulfilling. Whether you're seeking a rewarding vocation in a specific field, such as the ministry, criminal justice, psychology, or just want to earn a more generalized degree, Grand Canyon University offers a current education with a Christian worldview that combines academic excellence with spiritual purpose. 

Review the list of Liberal Arts Degrees available at GCU.