An Engaging Education in Theology

The College of Theology's curriculum helps you apply truth from the text of Scripture to the particular context in which you serve. This highlights the vital connection between doctrine and life.

The College intentionally builds community within the classroom and facilitates the development of lifelong friendships and peer networks in each program. This approach to a theological education results in an engaging and rewarding experience that aligns with your unique gifts and calling.

Master's in Christian Studies Degrees

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies features four areas of emphasis to choose from. Each emphasis builds on foundational biblical and theological understandings, while cultivating spiritual formation.

  • Christian Leadership: Receive biblical and theological knowledge and develop skills for the practical application of that knowledge in leadership settings.
  • Pastoral Ministry: Gain wisdom and skill for dealing with the issues that arise in the day-to-day life and work of a pastor and the skill needed to preach God's word effectively.
  • Youth Ministry: Learn to mentor and minister to young men and women in the church and to pastor them during the formative years of adolescence and early adulthood.
  • Urban Ministry: Gain a strong basis for urban ministry and an understanding of the ethical challenges associated with ministering in an urban environment.

Bachelor's in Christian Studies Degrees

Through foundational biblical and theological study, the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies provides a strong basis for Christian leadership and ministry. It examines the history of Christianity and the development of the Christian worldview, while offering a deeper understanding of major world religions.

Choose an optional area of emphasis:

  • Worship Leadership: Explore the gospel and its implications within contemporary worship by developing communication and leadership skills.
  • Biblical Studies: Study the major divisions of the Bible, from the Pentateuch to Revelation, and learn to teach the Bible to a variety of audiences.
  • Youth Ministry: Help students find Christ in their formative years and guide them through the times of crisis that often arise in a young person's life.

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