High School Dual Enrollment

Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers Dual Enrollment as a benefit to schools, school districts and home school organizations participating in Canyon Christian Schools Consortium (CCSC), Participants in Learning, Leading and Serving (PLLS), Canyon Educational Participant (CEP) or the Alliance Program for Homeschool Achievement (ALPHA).

Students may participate in dual enrollment classes in one of three ways:

  1. Attending class at your high school during the regular school day. Classes are taught by high school instructors who meet GCU qualifications. (Available in Arizona)
  2. Attending class online in a cohort with students from your school. Classes are taught by GCU faculty.
  3. Attending class online with other GCU students. Classes are taught by GCU faculty. Online classes last 7 weeks and begin most Mondays year round.

Credits and Costs


Student Qualifications

Courses Offered in Your High School (Arizona Only)

Courses Offered Online

Dual Enrollment Instructors

GCU is committed to ensuring that students experience the same level of instruction, resources and rigor that our traditional student body receives so they will be prepared to move to the next academic level of study when they enter college.

Dual Enrollment instructors provide instruction that incorporates best practices in teaching, technology, engagements, ethics and more in a specific content area. GCU works with instructors to provide academic support, curriculum approval and monitoring of the course effectiveness. Dual Enrollment instructors receive ongoing training, support and professional development from GCU faculty.

Instructor Requirements

Curriculum Approval

For more information, please contact us at (602) 639-6808 or email at dualenrollment@gcu.edu.