College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The University offers students the opportunity to take College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) to earn college credit. By providing this alternative credit method, students can receive credit for knowledge they achieved through independent study, previous non-transcripted coursework, job training, etc. CLEP offers 33 examinations, for which students have to earn the minimum score according to the table below.

How does CLEP work?

  1. Review the 33 exams within the University Policy Handbook and decide which test you are interested in taking. Make sure to contact your Student Services Advisor to verify that content is needed as a program requirement.
  2. Contact your closest CLEP center and make an appointment to take the exam.
  3. Study! Study! Study! Remember that you have to earn the minimum score listed below in order to earn the credit, so it is important to be prepared.
  4. Take your test and submit your scores for transfer evaluation!

Information is posted on this site to make it easy and convenient to assess your testing options. However, your Enrollment Counselor is always available to assist and guide you through the process.

Be sure to contact your advisor to make sure this testing option is the best option for your educational situation.

Students interested in taking a CLEP exam, should visit the CLEP site for more information.