Across the College of Theology, each degree in theology is designed to help you apply Scripture to the context in which you serve. Our classroom communities facilitate the development of lifelong friendships and peer networks, resulting in an engaging experience that aligns with your unique purpose. As your schedule is also unique, we offer convenient learning options that range from traditional campus programs and evening classes to online degree programs, always providing the personal attention and classroom support you need.

For every point along your path, theology degree options abound. The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies, available on campus or as an online degree program, examines the historic faith and offers an excellent foundation of biblical and theological knowledge. Our online Master of Divinity provides the standard theology degree for ordained professional ministry, appealing to students who are called to serve in local churches, Christian organizations and other ministerial settings.

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Theological Seminary at GCU

Grand Canyon Theological Seminary (GCTS) is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary that helps prepare Christian leaders to minister faithfully and effectively with sound doctrine and a focus on cultivating character and fostering unity in Christ. GCTS is home to the master's degree programs in the College of Theology, including our Master of Divinity (MDiv). The overarching vision of the seminary rests on the College of Theology's three pillars: gospel centered, mission focused and church oriented.

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Center for Worship Arts

Recent years have witnessed significant transformations in Christian worship, which have led to a pressing need for a new breed of leaders in churches across the nation. For those interested in the exciting world of worship leadership, performance and production, we are proud to introduce the Center for Worship Arts.

The Center for Worship Arts has been a collaborative achievement for Grand Canyon University. A blend of industry experts, instructors and seasoned worship ministers contribute to the learning experience in this integrative program. As the next step for a high school graduate, the center provides the following relevant theology degrees to become a worship leader in a contemporary church or ministry setting. Find out more about the Center for Worship Arts.

Center for Worship Arts Auditions

Leading Christian praise and devotion requires a balance of musical talent and wisdom. Join the next generation of worship leaders to impact churches around the world. Vocalists and instrumentalists, learn more about auditions for entry into our Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry. Call 855-GCU-LOPE for more information.

Early College Admission

GCU offers dual enrollment as a benefit to schools, school districts and home school organizations participating with our educational programs. High school students may pursue dual enrollment and enjoy GCU benefits such as college credit, tutorials, career services and admission to athletic events.

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Single Theology Courses

We cater to both degree-seeking students and those looking to take fewer courses. Individual course options are available for both bachelor's and master's programs, with online learning formats for schedule flexibility.

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Enrich Your Degree

GCU and the College of Theology offer a variety of minors to give you a well-rounded education within a more specific subject area that may be of professional interest.

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