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Grand Canyon Theological Seminary (GCTS) strives to prepare godly leaders for a lifetime of faithful ministry rooted in biblical truth, sound theology and practical wisdom. We offer master's degree programs and graduate certificates to help prepare Christian leaders theologically, spiritually and professionally to minister faithfully and effectively within a challenging cultural context.

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We invite you to learn more about our seminary to see what makes us different. The College of Theology at Grand Canyon University has a rich tradition of preparing the next generation of leaders to serve faithfully. Our guiding pillars help drive our mission and purpose. You can also learn more about Grand Canyon Theological Seminary, including our core values and vision, by exploring our Statement of Institutional Purpose and our Statement of Education Effectiveness.

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GCTS is located on the eastern side of GCU’s main campus, near the intersection of Camelback Road and 27th Avenue, on the first floor of Building 71. This 17,000-square-foot space features a 4,000-square-foot theological library. The space is designed to house resources for the GCTS community, as well as offer a place for students to research, study and connect with their faculty and peers.

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Theological Seminary Mission

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The mission of GCTS is to develop leaders, ministers and scholars who rightly handle God's Word, teach what accords with sound doctrine and equip the people of God for missional service within a rapidly changing world.

GCU's College of Theology

The Grand Canyon Theological Seminary is the College of Theology's graduate school. As such, GCTS offers advanced theological training grounded in biblical truth within the context of a rich graduate culture and a vibrant and diverse community of faculty and students.

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Seminary Guiding Pillars

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The vision of Grand Canyon Theological Seminary rests on three pillars that constitute the seminary's fundamental values and serves to shape its identity and mission. Like GCU's College of Theology, GCTS is gospel centered, mission focused and church oriented.

Master of Divinity Residencies

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The Master of Divinity online features an in-person MDiv Residency that gives you an opportunity to work collaboratively with professors and classmates. Each MDiv Residency experience centers on a major area of study that draws on knowledge gained through previous coursework.

Institutional Purpose

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GCTS welcomes students who are pursuing gospel ministry to serve churches and other ministries. To learn about the educational journey ahead, review the GCTS Statement of Institutional Purpose. This resource provides information about the seminary’s mission, purpose and values.

Educational Effectiveness

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Grand Canyon Theological Seminary's Statement of Educational Effectiveness outlines our model for programmatic assessment and evaluation, as well as our commitment to students. Find out more about our latest annual assessment cycle for our programs in this document.

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