College of Theology Minor Degree Programs

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GCU offers a variety of minor degree programs across the College of Theology. These programs prepare you for ministry and service through a deep biblical, theological and spiritual education. Our faculty is committed to helping you formulate your call to ministry by exploring the various directions that a call may take, while helping you develop character and integrity in all aspects of life.

Earned in conjunction with a major degree, our minors provide a well-rounded education within specific areas that may be of professional interest to you. Discover your College of Theology minor degree options below.

Minor in Christian Studies - 16 Credits

A minor in Christian studies offers you a basic understanding of the Bible and theology. Gain ethical knowledge while exploring the virtues and habits that shape Christian character and morality. This minor complements foundational teachings introduced in the Christian worldview foundational course, with an emphasis on discipline and character development.

  • Old Testament Survey (BIB-106)
  • New Testament Survey (BIB-107)
  • Christian Character Formation (MIN-320)
  • Christian Ethics (HTH-330)


Minor in Philosophy - 16 Credits

A minor in philosophy introduces students to philosophical studies in the key areas of knowledge and reality, ethics and philosophy of religion. The program complements foundational teachings addressed in Christian worldview by providing students with competencies necessary to effectively engage in ethical and philosophical discourse. You will analyze and assess ideas and ethical systems, as well as express those understandings to others.

  • Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics (PHI-¬103)
  • Knowledge and Reality (PHI-¬301)
  • Applied Ethics (APHI-¬307)
  • Philosophy of Religion (PHI-¬403)


Minor in Biblical Studies - 20 Credits

A minor in biblical studies provides you with basic knowledge of the Bible and ability to interpret Scripture effectively. Coursework surveys the Bible, introduces principles and practices for sound interpretation and applies interpretive skills to major divisions of the Bible. This minor is designed for students in any major who want to understand the Bible more fully and learn to interpret it faithfully.

  • Old Testament Survey (BIB-106)
  • New Testament Survey (BIB-107)
  • Biblical Interpretation (BIB-355)
  • Old Testament Exegesis: Pentateuch (BIB-350)
  • New Testament Exegesis: Gospels and Acts (BIB-360)


Minor in Worship Arts - 20 Credits

A minor in worship arts helps you develop a biblical theology of worship while exploring historical and contemporary approaches to worship. You will gain character and leadership skills for a faithful and fruitful worship ministry in preparation to serve in worship leadership roles. This minor is designed for students in any major who want to develop skill, ability and knowledge for service as effective worship leaders within the church and other Christian worship environments.

  • Christian Theology I (HTH-201)
  • Christian Theology II (HTH-202)
  • Theology of Worship (WSA-322)
  • Worship Leadership (WSA-423)
  • Christian Worldview and Media (WSA-424)


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