Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance

Grand Canyon University's MBA in Finance degree provides students with the skills necessary to demonstrate proficiency in corporate financial management and investments in order to ensure corporate solvency, profitability and efficiency. Graduates of the MBA in Finance are prepared to compete for critical leadership roles in current and future organizations through coursework that addresses leadership theory, problem solving, organizational leadership, self-leadership and highly effective teams.

The MBA with an emphasis in Finance degree discusses the elements of business financial decisions, including financial forecasting, management of working capital, capital budgeting, capital structure and raising funds in capital markets. Students will also explore stocks, bonds and derivatives and their application to portfolio management. Advanced business strategies like mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and cooperative agreements will also be examined.

The MBA in Finance program concentrates on a broad range of business topics and principles including the key concepts of leadership and strategic management. Students will discuss the formulation and execution strategies within organizations and how to stay competitive in a global marketplace. The program highlights the impact of the global economy on organizational decision making, planning and sourcing of organizational resources.

The MBA in Finance program encourages students to be informed critical thinkers and decision makers through active research and the application of quantitative methods that transform raw data into useful information. The use of telecommunications, emerging technologies and e-commerce applications combine with essential business principles that encompass finance, accounting, economics, marketing and management, providing students with the capacity to lead and manage business enterprises both effectively and ethically.

* Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information. Program subject to change.

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