College of Education Practicum/Field Experience

A practicum/field experience is an exciting learning opportunity that affords learners the chance to observe and participate in diverse educational settings, and to apply the theories and concepts learned in program course work. Faced with the challenge to meet the needs of PK-12 students in low performing schools and the national movement towards 21st century learning built around standards, a practicum/field experience affords GCU learners the unique opportunity for introspection, personal change, professional growth, and self-assessment, all of which will empower a sense of development as a professional. The opportunity to work in a practical setting within the field coupled with supportive guidance from the University instructor provide each learner with a strong sense of professional self-reflection.  

By the end of the each practicum/field experience, learners will have accomplished the following:

  • Successful mastery of specific course objectives as they align to professional teacher education standards.
  • A demonstration of learning through artifacts submitted to the personal TaskStream e-Portfolio.
  • Significant professional growth in pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Sometimes it is helpful to know the parameters of practicum/field experiences prior to beginning a course. This document provides a wealth of information for all courses that have required practicum/field experience. Included by course is program information, number of hours required, title of benchmark assessment, and a synopsis of the required setting.