Certificate Programs at GCU

Fewer Classes and Designed To Be Completed in Less Time

We offer a wide selection of certificate programs that can prepare you to advance in your knowledge of areas relevant to your career or interests. Explore our online certificate program offerings and find the one that is right for your educational path.

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Why Choose GCU for Your Online Certificate?

Earning a certificate can be the beginning or the next step in your career path. Undergraduate and graduate online certificate programs are designed to be completed in less time than their full degree counterparts, while still giving the necessary foundation of knowledge on the area of study that interests you. These certificates consist of the same courses as those offered in their related bachelor’s and master’s level degrees but with a more focused approach for your desired certificate.

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Completing a GCU certificate program can provide many benefits, such as:

Acquiring an undergraduate certificate to begin your academic journey or a graduate certificate on top of your previous education can widen your knowledge in your field. For some fields, it can also potentially provide a needed credential for you to go further in your career.

Certificate programs at GCU take less time to complete than a full bachelor’s or master’s program due to the fewer number of courses. This may allow you to start applying your learned knowledge sooner.

Earning your certificate makes it easy to transfer credits. Because these certificates include the core courses in the related degree program, these credits can be easily transferred to your degree at GCU.

FAQs About Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer specialized education and training in a specific job or line of work. Relative to bachelor’s or master’s degrees, online certificate programs are typically short term and lower in cost.

Certificates are worth considering if you want to learn new skills to position yourself to potentially move ahead in your career, gain knowledge in a new field or meet certain licensing requirements.1 Certificate programs are not designed to replace a degree, but they allow students to make smaller commitments of time and money while gaining specific skills for their career goals.

Most certificate programs require anywhere between 12 and 37 credits for completion. Certificate classes are typically between six and 15 weeks in length. Fill out the form on this page to speak to a university counselor to better understand how long it takes to earn your certificate. Many online certificate programs have flexible schedules to allow professionals to balance school and work commitments.

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1 Check with your state on licensing requirements.