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We offer a wide selection of certificates to allow you to advance in areas relevant to you. Explore our certificate degree offerings and find the one that is right for your educational path.

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Why Choose GCU for Your Certificate

Earning a certificate degree can be the beginning or the next step in your career path. Undergraduate and graduate certificate programs include fewer classes and are designed to be completed in less time than their full degree counterparts, while still giving the necessary foundation of knowledge on the area of study that interests you. The core courses included are the same as those offered in their related bachelor’s and master’s level degrees. Students take the same curriculum but with a more focused approach for your desired certificate.

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Gaining a certificate includes many benefits, such as:

Acquiring an undergraduate certificate to begin your academic journey or a graduate certificate on top of your previous education can widen your knowledge in your field. It can also provide a needed credential for you to go further in your career.

Depending on the program, certificate programs at GCU take just a few months to complete. This can allow you to quickly earn your degree and promptly apply your knowledge to your career.

Earning your certificate makes it easy to transfer credits. Because these certificates include the core courses in the related degree program, these credits can be easily transferred to your next degree.

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