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For over 70 years, Grand Canyon University has proudly maintained its rich heritage as a prestigious teaching college. Our College of Education continues to prepare policymakers, administrators and educators who strive to deliver quality education and enrich lives across a variety of school and community settings. Whatever your needs — recertification, licensure, endorsements — courses are available online or on campus.

Why Choose GCU?

GCU’s continuing education courses offer an affordable and convenient pathway to learn new concepts and earn graduate credits. Keep up with current trends in education and earn your credits from an institution that consistently offers new coursework for educators. 

GCU is the cost-effective choice for earning graduate-level continuing education credits. Browse the course guide table below and select the courses of interest. Explore the curriculum and identify if it will meet your needs and estimate your investment before applying.

Some of the benefits of GCU’s continuing education courses include:

  • Courses offered 100% online
  • Frequent start dates
  • Six-week courses
  • Small class sizes
  • Expert professors 
  • Niche course offerings
  • Affordability

To learn about campus and online tuition for our academic programs, visit our Tuition and Fees page.  

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Teaching is more than a career. It's a calling of purpose and passion for educators to change lives. Although rewarding, this profession is often met with rigorous challenges and lack of support that can unfortunately lower the drive and morale of evening the most passionate teachers.

Be an Advocate: Lopes Teach Up Strives to transform the rhetoric of education by shining light on the profession and brightening its outlook. Our mission is to shift the current conversation surrounding the hardships of teaching to refocus on how education is a career of servant leadership. It's an opportunity to empower, enrich and elevate students in impactful and enduring ways.

Job satisfaction and teacher appreciation can lead to heightened student achievement and a better quality of life. Let's join as one in the spirit of education! Together, we can support one another and follow our higher purpose as champions of teaching and learning for better futures.


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Are you a current teacher, future teacher, administrator, paraprofessional, or do you have a passion for the field of education? If so, check out the College of Education "Teaching In Purple" blog and be inspired by educators of all kinds. Peek inside the minds and classrooms of today to shape your own classroom of tomorrow. Come join us and start teaching in purple!


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Geared toward diverse 21st century learners, our Canyon Professional Development (Canyon PD) program offerings are led by educational experts experience and knowledge. Our goal is to help generate excellence through a range of unique learning opportunities, the latest educational topics and active learning strategies. We're providing professional development with free virtual training and workshops.

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