Thundering Heard Pep Band Auditions

Thunder Big Band

Auditions can be scheduled on:
Dec. 5
Jan. 23
Feb. 20
April 9 

9 am - noon

After you register you will receive an email with a designated time slot.

Pep Band Auditions Location:
Colter - Building 43, 1st Floor (102B)

Scholarship Opportunities:
There is a $2,500 scholarship for Pep Band students upon acceptance to the university and the Pep Band. Subject to scholarship caps.

Information About Auditioning

GCU Band For your audition, prepare two contrasting works. The first should demonstrate technical proficiency and the second should demonstrate lyrical playing. Consider performing works from differing style periods possibly including an etude for your instrument. Your chosen audition repertoire may be performed from memory. You will also be asked to perform scales and arpeggios from memory as well as sight read.

You do NOT need to be a music or music education major to perform or receive a scholarship with the Thundering Heard Pep Band.

Digital Submission:

Out-of-region, out-of-state and international students may apply for admission and performance scholarships by submitting a video URL or DVD. If you are unclear whether you are eligible for digital submission, please contact your admissions representative. 

Paul Koch