Digital Design Degree

The world of digital design is expanding to include a variety of areas including social media, the Web, animation and print design. For students looking to enter this highly creative space Grand Canyon University currently offers a Bachelors of Arts degree in Digital Design with an emphasis in either animation or web design.

For those looking to enter the exploding world of animation, students will learn the basic principles of animation and create projects that can be used in professional portfolios. Topics studied include 3D modeling and theory, application of computer graphics to various design problems and solutions and the mechanics of motion. Students develop 3D-textured character models with suitable rigging to time the animation and include it in 3D short story applications. Environmental sets and props will be modeled with realistic texturing, lighting design, visual effects and rendering solutions explored.

Students looking to pursue a career in web design will dive deeper into topics such as design theory and application, including color, typography, illustration, photography and composition principles necessary to prepare print or Web-based design. Students will also create interactive computer graphics using technologies standard in the computer graphics and design industries

Graduates with a digital design degree will be prepared to plan, analyze and create visual solutions. The program will focus on the development of creativity, communication and problem-solving skills that demonstrate critical thinking and ethical leadership.


Digital Design Degrees 

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Web Design