Part 1 - Effective Resume Writing Tips

A resume is a marketing tool that is used to attract employers. With hiring managers spending an average of just 10-20 seconds reviewing a resume, you have to quickly communicate your strengths and skills and explain how they will benefit the employer. In this 5-part series, Dave Stakebake, a Career Advisor for Grand Canyon University, reviews each section of an effective resume, offering examples and reviewing best practices. In Part 1 of the series, Dave reviews the general guidelines of writing and formatting an effective resume including fonts, use of bullets and writing styles. Part 2, he reviews the best starting place for creating an effective resume. Part 3 explores the resume title and the objective or summary. Part 4 discusses what to include in the skills and education section. Finally in Part 5, he reviews what to include in the experience section of your resume. Writing an effective resume is just the first step to landing your dream job. Watch all 5 parts of the Resume Writing Series hosted by the Career Services Team at Grand Canyon University or visit the Career Services team today and discover the tools and services available to both prospective and current students of Grand Canyon University.

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