Master’s Degrees at GCU

Master’s degrees are advanced academic degrees that signify mastery in a particular field of study. Take the next step toward educational excellence to further your field skills and grow your career possibilities with a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University. With a host of options both on-campus and online you can combine your passion with your career through a specialized program. Our master’s programs are designed to equip you with critical thinking, research skills and relevant career skills.

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Find an advanced degree program that promotes creativity and innovation in the areas you care about most and step into all that a graduate degree offers:

Our graduate programs aim at equipping you with the needed skill sets for your chosen field.

With a master’s degree on your resume you can have the needed edge to compete successfully in the job market.

Employees holding a master’s degree have advanced skills and are often compensated accordingly.

Graduates of a master’s program have an indwelt sense of accomplishment for accomplishing a graduate degree with all the challenges and rewards that come with it.

New Graduate Student Scholarship

GCU is offering a scholarship for 15% off tuition per course for all new graduate students.* To learn more about this opportunity and your eligibility, contact your university counselor.

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Find A Master’s Degree

With a degree from GCU, you will be able to work toward education and career goals while maintaining a sense of balance. Choose from one of our many master’s degree and emphasis options offered online.

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*MOU-New Grad-Jan2021: The New Graduate Student Scholarship is only valid for those applicants who submit a complete application and start class in January 2021. This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other GCU scholarships or awards. Please speak to a university counselor for complete details. This offer only applies to online and evening programs.

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