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An evening or online master’s degree can help you work toward education and career goals while maintaining a sense of balance. Choose from the many degree and emphasis options offered to master’s students at Grand Canyon University (GCU).

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Become a Master’s Student at GCU

Master’s degrees are advanced academic degrees that signify mastery in a particular field of study. Take the next step toward educational excellence to further your field skills and grow your career possibilities with a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University. With a host of options both on campus and online you can combine your passion with your career through a specialized program. Our master’s programs are designed to equip you with critical thinking, research skills and relevant career skills.

Find a master’s degree program that promotes creativity and innovation in the areas you care about most. In completing your degree as a master’s student, you are offered:

Our evening and online graduate programs aim at equipping you with the advanced skill sets for your chosen field. By pursuing a master’s degree, you will also collaborate and discuss the latest concepts in your industry so you can grow as a modern innovator and thinker.

With a master’s degree on your resume, you can have the needed edge to compete successfully in the job market. Master’s students at GCU study curriculum that is designed to provide you with core competencies required for careers in your industry.

Employees holding a master’s degree have advanced skills and are often compensated accordingly, given the further investment they have made in professional development through continued education.

Master’s students who graduate with their degree have an indwelt sense of accomplishment for earning a master’s degree with all the challenges and rewards that come with it. Campus and online graduate programs offer you more than career growth, but also the opportunity to fulfill a personal passion for lifelong learning.

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FAQs for Aspiring Master’s Students

If you are interested in earning an evening or online master’s degree, take a look at our answers to commonly asked questions to help you get started.

Master’s degree programs at GCU vary in their required credits and time to completion. The time to completion for online graduate programs is dependent on your program and any eligible transfer credits. Select your preferred master’s degree(s) from this page to see specific total credits and course length requirements.

Earning an online master’s degree from an accredited institution demonstrates to employers that you have studied and learned from curriculum that meets high standards of excellence in education. All online graduate programs at GCU are accredited and provide a quality education in your respective field.

The rates for GCU’s evening and online graduate programs are based on credit hour and vary depending on the program of study. For more details on rates and scholarship opportunities, visit the online and evening tuition page.

As a master’s student at GCU, you can choose from a wide range of degree and emphasis programs that provide specialized knowledge and skills in popular fields such as business, psychology and counseling, STEM, nursing and education.

Qualified international students who have completed prior education outside the U.S. and meet GCU’s enrollment requirements and standards can apply to study in available online graduate programs. To learn more, complete the form on this page.


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