Online Bridge Programs at GCU

Now Is the Time To Start Your Bridge Program

Bridge programs at GCU are designed to prepare students who hold a degree in an unrelated field to apply for a graduate-level degree program or position themselves for a possible career change or advancement in their current industry. While these bridge programs do not lead to a traditional degree, they can be the next step in your educational path, as they are designed to help you meet prerequisite requirements for a subsequent degree program.

Choosing GCU for Your Bridge Program

GCU consists of many mission-oriented colleges with bridge programs that strive to help you achieve your academic goals.

Bridge programs include many benefits and qualities, for instance:

Bridge programs focus only on the courses you need for completion. These are the core courses and topics you will need to transition into your desired master’s or doctoral degree program.

Because bridge programs only focus on the core classes and topics, each program is designed to be finished in a short time, offering you the potential to position yourself to advance to where you want to go.

GCU offers online bridge programs so you can enjoy the convenient online learning classroom and resources, and network with fellow professionals along the way with added flexibility.

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Examples of Online Bridge Programs at GCU

GCU’s colleges with bridge programs include business, technology and nursing. Whether you are looking for master’s bridge programs or to bridge to doctorate programs, these courses provide you the opportunity to fill gaps in your skills and knowledge so you can prepare for the next step in your academic journey.

Bridge to Master’s Programs

The following master’s bridge programs are designed for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in an approved business or technology field and would like to advance into a related master’s degree program.

Nursing Bridge Pathways

These bridge pathways are for registered nurses who hold bachelor’s degrees in fields other than nursing. By completing a nursing bridge pathway, you are eligible to enroll in a related Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program at GCU. Advance your studies and focus your nursing skills in one of these areas of emphasis.

Bridge to Doctorate Programs

GCU’s doctoral bridge programs include online bridge programs for counseling, designed for those who want to advance their counseling and leadership skills and gain the necessary qualifications for enrollment in select PhD counseling programs.

Business Bridge Programs

Created for transformative leaders who hold a master’s degree outside the business field, these bridge programs provide you the opportunity to complete prerequisites for select Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs at GCU.

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Applying to a GCU College With Bridge Programs

Applicants for both the master’s bridge programs and bridge to doctorate programs must meet program-specific admission requirements, including proof of a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited, GCU-approved college, university or program. Visit our admissions page to learn how you can qualify for enrollment.

FAQs for Online Bridge Programs

If you are interested in pursuing advanced education in an unrelated field from your current degree, and you need to fill knowledge gaps before taking the next step, GCU’s bridge programs may be your answer. Learn more by reading through these frequently asked questions.

Bridge programs are designed to provide key courses to help you meet prerequisites and bridge gaps in knowledge so you can prepare for enrollment in advanced degree programs. GCU offers select bridge to master’s programs and bridge to doctoral program.

Enrolling in a bridge program is worth your consideration if you want an opportunity to advance your education but need to meet certain admission requirements before applying for a master’s or doctoral degree in an unrelated field from your current degree. Look for online bridge programs so you can complete your courses on a more flexible schedule.

A bridge master’s program consists of select courses that are intended to help bachelor’s degree holders fill gaps in knowledge and meet prerequisites for select master’s degree programs. A bridge program is a steppingstone on your educational path and does not directly lead to a degree. A master’s degree is a full program that leads to a degree upon successful completion.

Doctorate programs at GCU, whether it’s a bridge or degree program, require a master’s degree from an accredited university, college or program. Doctorate programs often have program-specific requirements as well, so be sure to consult the graduate and doctoral admissions page to learn more.

GCU is institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which speaks to the university’s quality in education in key areas, such as integrity, teaching and learning effectiveness, academic achievement, student services and stewardship. When you complete a bridge program through GCU, you will receive an education that meets the high standards of the HLC.

As with all academic programs at GCU, the nursing bridge pathways are accredited through GCU’s institutional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

If you hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in an approved non-business field and would like to position yourself for possible advancement in business or business administration, then you should consider a business bridge program. These programs are designed to help you build upon your knowledge and meet requirements for certain master’s or doctoral programs, such as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

If you hold a master’s degree and are interested in pursuing a career in counseling at the highest level, the online bridge for counseling offers an opportunity to advance your counseling skills in teaching and leadership and meet the qualifications to enroll in the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision program at GCU.

Find an online bridge program that meets your personal or professional goals. Contact us today to enroll or get answers to your remaining questions.