GCU Transfer Center

The Grand Canyon University Transfer Center is a hub for students transferring to GCU. Whether you attended a community college or a university, we are here to assist you in evaluating and anticipating your transfer opportunities and needs.

College Transfer Credits

Are you looking to transfer from a community college to GCU? Use our tool at the link below to enter your community college transcripts and how find out many credits will count toward your degree at GCU.

Transfer Credit Tool

Transfer Credits

The Lopes Credit Evaluation helps you find out exactly how many credits will transfer to GCU for your chosen degree. A Lopes specialist will evaluate your transcripts and help you with the transfer process every step of the way.

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Discover GCU

Interested in transferring to GCU? We invite you to Discover GCU, where you can visit our campus and learn everything about GCU firsthand. We understand how complex a college transfer can be, which is why we encourage you to attend this unique event. Experience our beautiful campus, supportive community, vibrant student life and quality academics at GCU.

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Transfer Scholarships

GCU offers generous scholarship opportunities for transfer students, including grants for priority registration and honors students. Find out which scholarships you may qualify for to see how affordable a private Christian education can be.

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Individual Courses

Need coursework to transfer to another university or complete a degree? Need to satisfy prerequisite requirements? Individual courses give you an opportunity to earn college credit to complete a program or study a specific content area.

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Transferring Colleges

At GCU, we offer college transfer specialists who provide personalized support as you explore your degree options. Explore information about how to transfer college credits to GCU, or call 855-GCU-LOPE to speak with a college transfer specialist.

Transfer Credits

No Out-of-State Tuition

Interested in transferring colleges? Whether you are an out-of-state student or an international student, GCU tuition is the same. This helps to keep education costs affordable for all students so that you can focus on earning your degree.

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Military Credits

GCU proudly serves servicemen and servicewomen as a military-friendly university. As a service member or veteran, your training and experience may transfer into college credits at GCU. Learn more about your opportunities to pursue your degree.

Military Transfer

Course Equivalency Guides

The GCU Transfer Center has developed course equivalency guides to help you see how your courses will be accepted. Browse your course guide, or contact your transfer specialist for more information.

ACC - Accounting 
AF - African American Studies
AGB/AGS - Agribusiness & Agriculture Science 
AIS - American Indian Studies 
AJS - Administrations of Justice Studies 
AMS - Automated Manufacturing Systems
ARB - Arabic 
ARH/ART -  Art Humanities & Art
ASB/ASM - Anthropology
ASD - Addictions and Substance Use Disorder
AST - Astronomy 
BSH - Behavioral Health Science Technology
BIO - Biology
BPC - Business - Personal Computers 
CAD - Computer- Aided Drafting 
CFS - Child & Family Studies 
CHI - Chinese
CHM - Chemistry 
CIS/CNT/CSC/ITS/MST - Computer Science & Information Technology
COM - Communication 
CPD - Counseling and Personal Development 
CRE - Critical Reading 
CSM - Customer Service Management 
DAH/DAN - Dance Humanities & Dance 
DFT - Drafting Technology 
ECE/EEE/ELE - Engineering Course Equivalency
ECH - Early Childhood Education
ECN - Economics
EDU - Education 
EED - Early Education 
ELT - Electronics Technology
EMT - Emergency Medical Technology
ENG/ENH - English/English Humanities 
ENV - Environmental Sciences
EPS - Entrepreneurial Studies
EXS - Exercise Science
FON - Food Nutrition
FOR - Forensic Science 
FRE - French 
FSC - Fire Science Technology 
GBS - General Business 
GCU/GPH - Cultural & Physical Geography
GER - German 
GLG - Geology 
HCC - Health Care Curriculum
HCR - Health Care Related 
HBR/HEB - Hebrew
HES - Health Science 
HIS - History 
HRM - Hospitality Management
HSM - Health Service Management
HUM - Humanities
IBS - International Business 
IFS - Information Studies
IGS - Integrated Studies 
IND - Industry
INT - Interior Design 
ITA - Italian
ITD - Infant Toddle Development
JAS - Justice and Government 
JPN - Japanese
JRN - Journalism 
LAT - Latin
LET - Law Enforcement
MAT - Mathematics
MCO - Mass Communications
MGT - Management 
MHL - Music History & Literature
MKT - Marketing
MTC - Music Theory & Composition
MUE - Music: Education 
MUP - Music: Performance
NAV - Navajo 
PHI - Philosophy
PHS - Physical Science 
PHY - Physics 
POR - Portuguese
POS - Political Science
PSY - Psychology 
PTA - Physical Therapy Assisting
REC - Recreation
REL - Religious Studies
SBU - Society and Business
SLC - Studies in Language and Culture
SLG - Sign Language
SMT - Semi-Conductor
SOC - Sociology
SPA/SPH - Spanish/Spanish Humanities
SSH - Sustainability Social Sciences and Humanities 
STO - Storytelling 
SWU - Social Work 
TCM - Telecommunications
THE/THP  Theatre & Theatre Performance/Production
TQM - Total Quality Management
WED - Wellness Education 
WST - Women's Studies
VPT - Video Production Technology 
YAQ - Yaqui Indian History and Culture

Transferring from Another College or University

GCU will review courses completed at another community college or university, and credit earned at these institutions may be applied to a degree program offered at GCU based on our transfer policies.

The GCU Transfer Center has formed Articulation Agreements with a number of institutions, matching the coursework to maximize the use of resources, minimize duplicate coursework and help you make a smooth transition when transferring colleges to GCU. Below is a list of schools with which we currently have Articulation Agreements.

If you are currently or planning on attending one of these institutions, please work directly with your university counselor, who will guide you into the correct program at GCU.

GCU will still evaluate and award credit for institutions not listed below based on our transfer policies. You can have your unofficial transcript evaluated and, in as few as 24 hours, a university counselor will contact you with an estimated number of credits earned, an anticipated graduation date and preliminary schedule.

California Community Colleges
California community college students can easily transfer credits toward a bachelor's degree. Grand Canyon University accepts courses that are part of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) to fulfill GCU general education requirements per transfer policies.

Pima Community College

General Education Course Equivalency Guide
AA to BA Christian Studies Philosophy
AA to BA Christian Studies
AA to BA Communications
AA to BA Digital Film Emphasis in Production
AA to BA Digital Film Emphasis in Screenwriting 
AA to BA English Emphasis in Professional Writing 
AA to BA Government Emphasis in Legal Studies 
AA to BA Government Emphasis in State and Local Public Policy 
AA to BA History Emphasis in Public History 
AA to BA History 
AA to BA Spanish 
AA to BA Theatre and Drama
AA to BS Accounting 
AA to BS Applied Business Analytics 
AA to BS Applied Business Information System 
AA to BS Applied Management 
AA in BS Behavioral Health Science Emphasis in Childhood Adolescence 
AA to BS Behavioral Health Science Emphasis in Family Dynamics 
AA to BS Behavioral Health Science Emphasis in Trauma
AA to BS Behavioral Health Science 
AA tp BS Business Administration 
AA to BS Business Analytics
AA to BS Business Information System
AA to BS Business Management 
AA to BS Cybersecurity
AA to BS Educational Studies 
AA to BS Elementary Education 
AA to BS Entrepreneurial Studies 
AA to BS Finance and Economics
AA to BS Health Care Administration
AA to BS Health Science  in Professional Development and Advance Patient Care
AA to BS Homeland Security and Emergency Management 
AA to BS Hospitality Management
AA to BS Information Technology Emphasis in Cybersecurity
AA to BS Information Technology 
AA to BS Justice Studies 
AA to BS Marketing and Advertising 
AA to BS Nutritional Sciences 
AA to BS Psychology Emphasis in Performance and Sport Psychology 
AA to BS Psychology 
AA to BS Sociology Emphasis Social Work 
AA to BS Sociology 
AA to BS Sports Management 
AA to BS Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

Wisconsin Technical College System

  • Blackhawk Technical College 
  • Chippewa Valley Technical College 
  • Fox Valley Technical College 
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Lakeshore Technical College 
  • Madison Area Technical College 
  • Mid-State Technical College 
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College 
  • Moraine Park Technical College 
  • Nicolet Area Technical College 
  • Northcentral Technical College
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College 
  • Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 
  • Waukesha County Technical College 
  • Western Technical College
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