Post-Master’s Certificates at GCU

Post-master’s certificates are designed for those who already have a master’s degree in a relevant field of study. Our post-master’s programs allow students to build off of their existing education and experience in order to gain specialized knowledge and further their career opportunities in the fields of nursing, counseling and theology. Post-master’s certificates are focused programs, offering relevant courses within a tight timeframe to enable you to acquire new skillsets quickly and apply them to your career.

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The benefits of a post-master’s degree include:

Post-master’s programs are quicker than pursuing a graduate degree from scratch, thus creating an efficient use of your time.

The courses for each post-master’s certificate are purposefully designed to lead students through the needed lessons for achieving a full knowledge of the specialization. You will have a logical path for using your post-master’s certification after completion.

GCU’s post-master’s certificates are fewer credits than alternative graduate programs, such as a master’s or doctorate degree, making it a smart decision for your pocketbook.

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Explore our post-master’s certificate options in theology, counseling and nursing. Choose from our handful of specialized programs and take your graduate degree even further. If you already have a master’s degree, then our post-master’s certificates can help you fine tune your field knowledge to an area that interests you the most.

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