Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Educational Alliances provide exceptional resources for your success. Our partnerships and alliances offer the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders and supporters who strive to make advancements in education. We offer a variety of education presentations and professional development workshops throughout the year for K-12 educators, students, administrators, families and more. Learn more about our alliances and partners.

Strategic Educational Alliances


GCU's Strategic Educational Alliances (SEA) endeavors to support the broader education community, including schools and educational agencies nationwide. Our participant programs allow you to support and inspire youth in today's challenging learning environments. Each SEA program offers services to attract and retain quality professionals in the fields of education and leadership. Learn more about SEA's participant programs for schools and educational organizations.

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Educational Alliance Participants


In partnership with schools and education agencies, GCU provides educational and professional development services to help improve employee skills and increase knowledge. Employees of participating organizations may qualify for special benefits including tuition scholarships. Find out more about our Educational Alliance Participants.

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