Undergraduate Education Degree

Prepare to Be a Highly Effective Educator with an Education Degree from GCU

Take the first step to becoming a teacher by earning a bachelor's degree in education. The College of Education's education degree programs include a broad liberal arts foundation, followed by education in more specialized subject areas. Topics in our undergraduate education degree programs include education theories and practices, the use of technology in the 21st century classroom, the roles of prejudice and cultural incompatibilities in education, and the theories and principles of psychology.

Teacher preparation programs also require you to spend between 100 and 200 hours in quality practicum or field experiences prior to student teaching. After completing the required field experience hours, which include observation, participation and leadership, you will begin student teaching, where you can gain hands-on experience, practice your professional dispositions and build relationships with schools, staff and teachers.

Graduates from Grand Canyon University's (GCU) bachelor's in education degree programs are prepared to sit for their teaching licensure exam and become teachers in public, private and charter schools.

Early Childhood Education Degree

The rewarding field of early childhood education focuses on teaching fine and large motor skills to infants and young children. You will also focus on early reading, phonics and language acquisition. Earning an early childhood education degree allows you to nurture and teach children from birth through third grade. Our curriculum includes instructional strategies, teaching methodologies, assessment techniques, theories of early childhood growth and development, classroom engagement techniques, and the impact of family and cultural diversity on early childhood.

Elementary and Special Education Degree

Special education is a field that continues to need extraordinary individuals to positively impact and teach students with special needs. The College of Education offers dual special education programs in both early childhood education and elementary education that help you prepare for a rewarding career in a field. With a special education degree, you learn how to assist students by implementing individualized education plans.

Elementary Education Degree

Graduates of an elementary education degree program are looking to innovate and build relationships with students in grades 1-8. Elementary teachers work with children in developing their academic, social and motor skills. As an elementary teacher, you will develop lesson plans and teaching strategies, teach lessons, lead discussions and learning experiences, and assess students.

What can I do with an education degree other than teach?

While many graduates of a degree in education program go on to teach, there are a variety of other fields you may be interested in pursuing. By earning a teaching degree, you show employers that are thoughtful and organized, with a strong work ethic and leadership skills. You may choose to pursue a career in sales, marketing, human resources or writing. You may also choose to work as a guest teacher in a local school district or with youth organizations in your community.

What can I do with an education degree?

The majority of graduates from an undergraduate education degree program choose to go into the field of education. Many teach in their own classroom in a public, private or charter school. Some graduates choose to advance their education in order to qualify for leadership positions within their school or school district. Earning a masters in education may also help you qualify for endorsements, promotions or pay increases.

How long does it take to become an elementary school teacher?

The majority of elementary education degree programs take approximately four years to complete. This time may vary based on a number of factors, including learning modality and how many credits you are taking each semester. It is important to keep in mind that the elementary education degree requires practicum or field experiences, in addition to approximately 16 weeks of student teaching. For more information, speak with a GCU enrollment representative by calling 855-GCU-LOPE.

College of Education

GCU's College of Education provides you with essential knowledge and in-demand skills required for the challenging, diverse classrooms and district initiatives of modern education. Whether you dream of earning an education degree in early childhood education, elementary education or special education, you will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to achieve excellence as a teacher. Additionally, the College of Education promises to assist any graduate of our teacher preparation programs who is experiencing difficulty in their first year of teaching.

Online Education Degree

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What are the benefits of earning your degree online? Enjoy the flexibility that comes from an online learning environment, while engaging with faculty and connecting with peers.

Campus Experience

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With new residence halls, state-of-the-art classroom buildings, popular dining options and more, GCU offers everything you need to enjoy an exciting and enriching college experience.

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