Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers diverse minor degree programs for traditional ground campus students. Earned in conjunction with your major degree, a minor allows you to specialize in an academic area and gain a competitive advantage for tomorrow's workforce. Across colleges, students learn under the close attention of expert faculty, in classroom environments that cultivate higher ethics and our Christian worldview.

Discover the extensive offerings of our university and enrich your education with a minor degree.

Colangelo College of Business Minor Degree Programs

The Colangelo College of Business educates and develops values-driven business leaders. With a depth of minor degree programs, you can build skillsets relevant for tomorrow's workforce while learning the principles of servant leadership and entrepreneurism. Whether you are looking to improve your management skills, strengthen your communication or establish a business of your own, a minor from the Colangelo College of Business will complement your future goals. Discover which minor degrees are available now.

College of Fine Arts and Production Minor Degree Programs

Across the College of Fine Arts and Production, our minor degree programs offer an integrated approach to performance, music, dance, film and the visual arts. Train collaboratively with other students under the close guidance of seasoned instructors while enhancing your creativity, confidence and performance abilities. Learn how to apply your talents professionally, as well as through servant leadership and community outreach. Explore your options below for the minor to best suit your ambitions.

College of Humanities and Social Science Minor Degree Programs

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences blends the study of traditional humanities into a modern context, challenging you to become a deep and critical thinker. Minor degree programs within our college will help you refine your ability to research, read, write and think your way through complex issues, gaining the tangible skills to offer real-world solutions. Our minor programs embrace GCU's Christian heritage, promoting the spirit of servant leadership and creating broad communities within which you may serve.

College of Science, Engineering and Technology Minor Degree Programs

With the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professions in high demand, the College of Science, Engineering and Technology offers minor degree programs geared toward the competitive workforce of the 21st century. The STEM curriculum is built upon the collaborative efforts of academics and industry partners, leveraging the professional ethics inspired by our Christian worldview. Each minor program provides a platform for innovation, cross-disciplinary exposure and the development of essential workplace skills.

College of Theology Minor Degree Programs

GCU offers a variety of minor degree programs across the College of Theology. These programs prepare you for ministry and service through a deep biblical, theological and spiritual education. Our faculty is committed to helping you formulate your call to ministry by exploring the various directions that a call may take, while helping you develop character and integrity in all aspects of life.

Earned in conjunction with a major degree, our minors provide a well-rounded education within specific areas that may be of professional interest to you. Discover your College of Theology minor degree options below.