Support programs serve to improve and provide educational opportunities for the GCU community, including students, educational professionals and parents of k-12 students across broad learning communities. 

Explore the support programs we offer to help students and educational professionals prepare for future success, such as high school dual enrollment, the GCU Learning Lounge and our Educational Development and Support programs, which includes Canyon Professional Development and STEM support programs.

Canyon Professional Development

Today's classrooms require skill, creativity and a healthy dose of inspiration. That is why educators are turning to GCU's Canyon Professional Development (Canyon PD) for future-focused programs that are geared toward diverse and demanding 21st century schools. Canyon PD generates excitement and excellence through a broad offering of learning opportunities, STEM-focused initiatives and live events for administrators, teachers and students.

Canyon Professional Development Directory

We know the value of effective professional development conveniently taught at your school. Canyon PD offers customized sessions for staff, administrators and families on today's latest educational topics, taught by educational experts, delivered at your school to meet your timely needs.

Canyon PD delivers insight, instruction and support that is critical for leadership success through:

  • Canyon PD Directory
  • Principals’ Collaborative Community
  • Superintendents’ Collaborative Network in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education and Arizona School Administrators Association

Canyon PD offers professional development and networking opportunities for busy teaching professionals through:

  • Canyon PD Directory
  • Host for Kagan Cooperative Learning training opportunities
  • Professional Learning Program in collaboration with Science Foundation Arizona
  • AZ Summit featuring Google for Education in partnership with EdTechTeam and Arizona K12 Center

Canyon Professional Development is about inspiring K-12 students through innovation, creativity and engineering, creating a college-going mindset and path for a successful future through:

  • Thunder Vision: “You Are College Bound. Are You College Ready?” Grades 7-8
  • Thunder Vision: “College is a Career Choice” Grades 5-6
  • Thunder Vision: “College Knowledge” Grades 3-4
  • Lope Scope Elementary Campus Visitation Tours
  • STEM Summer Camps

Some Canyon PD popular topics are listed below. Visit to see an extensive topic list with descriptions and Canyon PD expert bios.

  • STEM Curriculum Design
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Formative Assessment
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Response to Intervention
  • Brain-Based Teaching
  • Technology Integration
  • Classroom Management
  • Mathematical Practice and Concepts
  • Building Cultures and Communities
  • Grants: Funding Through Support
  • Classroom Centers-Tiered Approach
  • Basic Computer Programming and Coding

Thunder Vision

As a higher education institution, GCU believes everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue postsecondary education and to follow their dreams. Thunder Vision brings third through eighth grade students to GCU's campus, allowing them to walk the facilities, talk to current college students and learn about how college can increase their future opportunities.

The primary goals of the program are to create a positive experience for young students so that college is exciting, raise awareness of college as a means to engage in a meaningful career and encourage literacy as a critical skill for success. Each grade level receives a specialized program. Third and fourth graders learn about what college is; fifth and sixth graders learn about college as a catalyst to careers; and seventh and eighth graders learn about how to become college ready.

High School Dual Enrollment

Eligible high school students enrolled in participating educational alliance programs can get a head start on earning college credits at GCU. Learn about campus and online dual enrollment opportunities for excelling high school students.

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GCU Learning Lounge

The GCU Learning Lounge offers learning services and assistance to help K-12 students improve academic performance, raise grades in core areas of study, become more confident in the classroom and reach their potential. These sessions are led by learning advocates (LEADs) who are trained to help students excel academically within a supportive, comfortable learning environment.

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Volunteer Opportunities at GCU

Service is at the cornerstone of GCU's values. Leading a wide variety of volunteer programs, GCU offers students, faculty and staff numerous occasions to be of service to the local and global community. Each year, we host a variety of events, including service opportunities through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the annual Run to Fight Children's Cancer and our Canyon Cares Christmas initiative. Through our outreach efforts, we carry out our mission of helping students to become global citizens and servant leaders who make an impact on their community. Learn how you can get involved in our outreach efforts.

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