College of Doctoral Studies

In today's competitive market, the demand for specialized knowledge is ever-growing. Take the next step in your career by earning your doctoral degree from Grand Canyon University (GCU). Our College of Doctoral Studies offers several doctoral studies programs, from a Doctor of Business Administration to an online EdD in leadership or PhD studies in psychology. Learners apply their research, critical thinking and analytical skills to solve real-world problems in areas such as business, leadership and psychology.

From day one, you are placed on an accelerated path. Our dissertation process is embedded into conventional coursework to help you move quickly toward graduation, with a supportive learning community to keep you engaged. Work closely on your doctoral studies with faculty to pursue your unique goals, and enjoy a variety of convenient learning formats. Attend class on campus, in the evening or online, and benefit from a curriculum designed by experts in their fields.

The College of Doctoral Studies Purpose


Create a unique doctoral program experience that connects faculty and learners in a vibrant learning community and creates a learning opportunity for scholar-practitioners to complete a purposeful doctoral journey.


The College of Doctoral Studies seeks to engage learners in the process of becoming scholar-practitioners by deliberately invoking design principles that create scaffold, embedded curriculum grounded in adult learning theory. The College of Doctoral Studies provides structured, integrative, learning-centered doctoral programs which encourage reflective thinking from learners and collaborative interactions among learners and faculty. Our programs of study balance rigorous, meaningful and reasonable quantity of work with an overall design which leads learners to their ultimate goal of completing the dissertation. In addition to the learning design, CDS is committed to excellent learner support as part of its ongoing focus on learner success.

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program has exceeded my expectations. It is a challenging program that feeds my craving for knowledge. I feel that every instructor has provided valuable feedback; it's evident that they are passionate about helping me succeed.

- Anissa Villegas, D.B.A.

Welcome from Dean Berger

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The College of Doctoral Studies is a learning organization - a community where all learners, stakeholders and practitioners are focused on continual improvement and excellence. To attain a doctorate is not to just add letters behind your name - it is to live differently in the world and make a significant impact. We welcome you to our community as we continue to define doctoral education for the 21st century.

Dean Michael Berger, EdD
College of Doctoral Studies 

One Foundation

At GCU, scholarly learning includes the intentional integration of the Christian worldview to inspire service, integrity and purpose. Discover more about this initiative.

Doctoral Degrees

GCU offers dynamic doctoral degrees, including an EdD in organizational leadership, a PhD in psychology and a DBA, with a variety of emphases to help you reach your goals.

Doctoral College Educational Alliances

GCU participates with community leaders, schools and organizations to help learners and working professionals benefit from higher education.


GCU has merited outstanding academic credentials, including regional accreditation with college-specific and program-specific accreditations.

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