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With an education degree, you can inspire minds and change lives. Whether entering the education field for the first time, investigating a career change or attaining credits for professional development, we have a program for you. For over 60 years, Grand Canyon University (GCU) has proudly maintained its rich heritage as a prestigious teaching college. Our College of Education continues to prepare policymakers, administrators and educators who strive to deliver quality education and enrich lives across a variety of school and community settings.

At GCU, we recognize the diverse needs in education and take advantage of each opportunity to create meaningful learning experiences throughout all of our education degree programs. We begin with small class sizes in both our traditional and online colleges and adult learning techniques to engage you on a personal level. From there, our experienced faculty delivers a rigorous curriculum to empower you with the skills and confidence needed in today's diverse schools.

While GCU is committed to nurturing your development into an outstanding educator, our dedication to your success extends beyond the classroom. We instill the spirit of servant leadership, innovation and service into all of our teaching programs. Even more, we continue to offer you our support throughout your first year as a new teacher or administrator.

College of Education Mission

The College of Education inspires excellence in pedagogy and scholarship; advances reflective, innovative and collaborative teaching practices to maximize student learning and achievement; promotes servant leadership in educational communities; and engages a diverse and global community of learners with purpose and passion.

Read more about the College of Education's mission in the Academic Catalog.  

I recommend Grand Canyon University's College of Education to anyone considering going into the education field. The college offers small class sizes, incredible instructors and hands-on opportunities to learn how to teach both inside the college classroom and in the field classroom experiences. I already have plans to take courses at GCU to receive my master's degree.

Sarah McWilliamsBS, Elementary Education

Our Education Pledge

In keeping with Grand Canyon University’s Christian heritage, the College of Education seeks to find our purpose and calling in teaching, as well as leading others to reach their God-given potential by integrating faith into our work.


We believe all students can learn and are deserving of highly effective, innovative, skilled, committed and compassionate educators who ensure that all of their students learn to the best of their abilities.


We believe education is a powerful tool with which to purposefully engage a diverse, global community. As our teacher and administrator candidates find their purpose and calling within education, they seek to lead others to reach their God-given potential in order for them to influence the changing world.


We believe in the spirit of servant leadership and are committed to serving all students within our local and broader educational communities. We believe in leading with creativity and innovation in our profession with a commitment to personal integrity, professional ethics, collaboration and excellence for all.

College of Education Promise

The College of Education firmly believes in the excellence of our administration and teaching degree programs. Nonetheless, we understand the challenges a new career in education may present. Since 1984, we have delivered on our promise to provide assistance to graduates of our educator and administrator preparation programs during their first year of teaching or leading in schools, at no expense. We continue to honor this pledge and hope to support you in your development as an outstanding educator. If you have questions about the College of Education Promise, contact a university counselor.

Conceptual Framework

The College of Education inspires excellence in pedagogy and scholarship. We foster the spirit of advancement stemming from reflective, innovative and collaborative teaching practices which maximize student learning and achievement. Our college promotes servant leadership in educational communities and engagement with a diverse and global community of learners with purpose and passion.

Dean LaPrade’s Call for Outstanding Educators

The College of Education has a profound history of producing outstanding educators. We are so confident in the excellence of our programs and our renowned faculty that we promise to stand with you during your first year of teaching. As dean, I am dedicated to providing learners with high-quality programs, service and supplemental resources that support the educational community and mission of GCU.

The faculty and leadership team is dedicated to providing the training and support learners need to become highly effective teachers and administrators. We encourage you to pursue your personal and professional goals while upholding the highest integrity and ethical standards. As a graduate of GCU's College of Education, I invite you to join a select and dynamic group of educators changing the lives of our children and adolescents.

Dean Kimberly LaPrade, PhD
College of Education

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One Foundation at GCU

At GCU, we purposefully integrate the Christian worldview into academic settings to foster service, integrity and purposeful living. These values comprise the ethical standards we embrace.

Education Degree Programs

GCU has a rich history of preparing students to be highly effective educators. Whether you seek teacher licensure or continuing education, we offer education degree programs to help you learn, lead and serve.

Educational Alliances

GCU's Educational Alliances provide exceptional resources for your success. Our partnerships offer the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders and supporters who strive to make advancements in education.

Education Degree Accreditation

The College of Education aligns its curriculum with the standards set by the Higher Learning Commission, national accreditors and professional affiliates. These standards help us produce credible, qualified professionals.

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