Hybrid Learning

With GCU’s commitment to following health and safety guidelines, GCU is currently not offering evening programs, but you can get started online!

For students interested in taking both online courses and in-person evening classes as a way to earn one of our Phoenix degrees, Grand Canyon University is pleased to offer some flexibility. To learn more about hybrid options, call 855-GCU-LOPE to speak with a university counselor about your options.

Featured Hybrid Degree Programs

Many of the high-quality Arizona degrees offered by our distinct colleges are available in a hybrid learning format to help you achieve your educational goals. Whether you are looking to earn your degree in business, education, counseling, nursing or healthcare, GCU offers a variety of options to help you earn your degree and advance your career. Explore just a few of these options below to learn more and speak with your university counselor to learn more about available programs. For information about becoming a student at GCU, visit our Admission Requirements or Tuition and Financial Aid page. To learn about transferring to GCU, visit our College Transfer Center.

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Business and Management Hybrid Programs

If you are a business professional looking to advance your career by earning your next degree, then consider the hybrid option from GCU's Colangelo College of Business. Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) and other business degrees help you foster your entrepreneurial spirit and develop your leadership and management skills. 

Hybrid Learning Options for Doctoral Studies

The College of Doctoral Studies offers EdD, PhD, DBA and EdS degree programs to help learners advance their careers by gaining specialized knowledge. With a dissertation process embedded into the coursework and a convenient hybrid option, there has never been a better time to take the next step and earn your doctorate from GCU.  

For a listing of online, evening and hybrid programs, please visit our College of Doctoral Studies.

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Hybrid Teaching and School Administration Degrees

Prepare for a career as a highly effective educator or take the next step in your education career by earning one of our master's degrees. GCU offers plenty of hybrid learning opportunities to help educators continue to the path of lifelong learning. 

Nursing and Health Care Hybrid Degrees

Make an impact in the field of healthcare by earning a degree from the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions. With degrees designed to help working professionals take their career to the next level and plenty of hybrid learning options for ease and convenience, now is the perfect time to earn your next healthcare degree. 

Accelerated BSN Hybrid Degree

If you are seeking to earn a BSN but have previous credits that could transfer or a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, consider our ABSN program. In this degree, students can gain an Accelerated BSN at one of our learning sites with the flexibility of a hybrid learning format. Learn more about our ABSN program.

Hybrid Psychology and Counseling Programs

If you seek to make an impact on others through a career in a liberal arts or human services field, then consider a degree from GCU's College of Humanities and Social Sciences. These programs are designed and expertly taught to help you advance your knowledge and gain the specialized skills you need to succeed in your chosen field. 

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Hybrid Programs in Theology and Ministry

If you have been considering a seminary degree from Grand Canyon Theological Seminary, the College of Theology offers plenty of hybrid programs to help you advance your education. Earn a transformative degree with real-world relevance and study in a program that helps you learn to minister to and prepare the next generation of disciples.

Hybrid Learning FAQs

Hybrid learning balances online and in-person courses to provide a way for students to go to class, while maintaining the flexibility needed for their lifestyle. Furthermore, it allows students to gain from the face-to-face interaction of a campus course without missing out on the convenience of an online course.

Blended learning combines in-class courses with a portion of online courses to create a convenient way for students to earn their degree. Unlike hybrid courses, the online portion of the course is supplemental to the in-person courses.

Hybrid and blended learning are similar in essence, but there are distinctions between these two learning formats. Both hybrid and blended learning are designed to create a learning format that benefits working professionals and those with a demanding schedule. However, while hybrid learning combines face-to-face lessons with online courses, blended learning provides online elements to support in-class learning.

Explore More Learning Options

If you wish to earn your degree through online classes only, explore the many online degree programs offered at GCU. Or, take the majority of your classes in person through our evening degree program option.

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