GCU Student Transcripts and Transcript Request Forms

Request Your GCU Transcript

Do you need to request an official academic transcript from Grand Canyon University (GCU)? Follow these easy steps to request your transcript:

  1. Visit gcu.edu/transcript to find out how to request an official academic transcript online or by fax, mail or email.
  2. Make sure all account holds are cleared with a zero balance.
  3. Contact your student services counselor (SSC) or call us at 855-GCU-LOPE with any questions.
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Withdraw from GCU

You are strongly encouraged to speak with your SSC prior to submitting withdrawal requests. Withdrawals may result in a change to your school status, which can impact your eligibility to participate in Title IV federal aid programs.

University Withdrawal

To completely withdraw from GCU, complete the Withdrawal Request Form.

Course Withdrawal

To withdraw from a course, contact your SSA or call us at 855-GCU-LOPE.

Call to Active Duty or Deployment Form

If deployed while enrolled in GCU courses, you may withdraw from all current classes without financial penalty. Tuition credit is provided for course(s) upon your return to GCU.

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