Campus Parking

What You Need to Know About Parking on Campus

This information pertains to the Grand Canyon University (GCU) main campus, located at 3300 W. Camelback Road. If you are visiting another GCU location, obey the parking signage on our property and on adjacent properties. Students, staff or faculty members may receive citations or be towed at property owners' discretion if they are in violation of posted rules.

All students who bring a car onto campus are required to register their vehicle and secure the appropriate parking permit. For your convenience, parking permits may be purchased online at For specific parking fees, visit our Other Fees page.

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Visitor Parking

Public Safety Officer and Car

If you are a visitor and plan to park on campus at GCU, use the entrance at 33rd Avenue and obtain a temporary parking permit from the public safety officer by showing your valid driver's license. The parking permit should be prominently displayed on your driver’s side dashboard. You will be directed to a guest space. Cars that are parked in spaces not reserved for visitors will receive a parking citation. 

Vehicles that do not display a current permit or pass may be cited. Vehicles violating time restrictions are subject to penalties, ranging from a citation up to towing and impoundment. 

Parking Permit Zones

Find the parking information you need while on campus:

  • In the absence of a sign at the entrance to a lot or garage, refer to the parking map to determine parking regulations for that lot. Any modifications to a lot during the academic year will be posted on signs at the entrance to the lot and the change will be effective immediately.
  • Gate security allows all current GCU decals onto campus. It is up to you to park in your designated lot. 
  • If a parking sign conflicts with the parking map or information on the GCU website, the sign will always supersede.
  • All vehicles must be parked within the marked boundaries of one parking space or stall.
  • Vehicles in garages or in angled parking on one-way streets must be parked head-in.
  • Any area not specifically designated for parking is considered a no-parking zone; vehicles in that area may be cited.

Call 855-GCU-LOPE if you would like to know more about getting a parking permit or parking on campus for an event.