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Ashlynn Lilly
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Ashlynn Lilly is a senior at Grand Canyon University majoring in graphic design and advertising. The things she enjoys the most about her major is doing illustration and logo design. She enjoys being creative, intuitive, detailed and hard working. Other hobbies she enjoys is creative writing, screen writing, reading and learning about different subjects including film. She wanted to be a part of writing the GCU blogs because she is passionate about the creativity of writing and the and challenges that it brings.

She enjoys being a part of GCU’s blog writing staff and continues to learn more about the importance of writing both in personal and professional spheres. Ashlynn currently writes most of her content within the Spiritual Life. She grew up in the Christian faith and wishes to write her blogs to not only inform others of God’s Word but to inspire other people to continue to recognize His great works as well.

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