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Franklin Lamca
Instructor, College of Theology
"Franklin Lamca graduated with a B.R.E. in Pastoral Ministry from Manahath Christian College in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. After several years of ministry, he returned to school at age 30 with a wife and two children, and earned a Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Franklin’s life in ministry began at the age of twenty three in an inner-city setting in Pittsburgh, moving to the booming area of Central Florida where we planted a church near Orlando and then another in rural Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, Franklin served on the executive board for a cooperative of 300 some churches who work together for ministry and outreach. In 2000, his family moved to South America where they worked as missionaries organizing church planting and community development in both rural and urban areas.

Franklin counts being at Grand Canyon University as a privilege and responsibility that he gets to share what is of ultimate importance. Franklin’s current involvement in missions is that of a Non-Residential Missionary. Though based in Phoenix nine months out of the year, his summers are spent in Trujillo, Peru where our family runs a thriving ministry that involves Grand Canyon University students and local people. The Lamca family are members of a village in the high desert and will be developing a sustainable model farm."


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