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Danielle Rinner
Director of Spiritual Life, Grand Canyon University
Danielle Rinnier is a wife, a mom, loves laughing and making others laugh. She believes that Jesus makes all the difference, and desires for others to experience the life and hope that are found in Him. She graduated from GCU in 2007, and again in 2011, and is currently starting a doctoral program at GCU. That’s a whole lot of GCU. #GoLopes

Faculty Spotlight
Who am I and how did God lead me to GCU?
From the time I can remember, I have enjoyed leading others. When we were little, my brothers would always say I was bossy. Today I say that was my “underdeveloped leadership skills” blossoming. Ok, I was bossy. I am still learning what it means to lead others well and how to be a good follower.

I became a Christian when I was 16 and when someone told me there were Christian colleges, it blew my mind. I felt like there was so much to learn and the thought of getting a degree while being in a place where I could grow as a follower of Christ- jackpot! Because I lived in Phoenix, I had some friends who encouraged me to check out GCU. Once I stepped onto campus, I was hooked.

Outside of GCU, I love spending time with my family, friends and four dogs. I know- that’s a lot of dogs. I also like board games, sports and I am a frequent benefactor of my husband’s excellent cooking. I am a novice crafter, I like reading when I can sit for a few hours, and am thankful for my local church.

What do I enjoy most about my role at GCU?
GCU has changed significantly from the time I first stepped onto campus. Being here for the time that I have, God has allowed me to see how powerfully He is at work in the lives of students, staff, and the local and global community. I also really enjoy the people I get to work with and for- they are really fun, talented and committed to following Jesus.

How has the Gospel shaped my life?
The Gospel has given hope. No matter what may come, the Lord is with me. My present circumstances, the troubles of this world, and my own failures do not have the final say because Jesus died and rose again that I might live. Following Jesus has also made life so much more enjoyable. When I read John 10:10 where Jesus describes that he has come to enable us to live to the fullest, it resonates with me because I know it to be true!