David Farbishel, D.Min.

Dr. Farbishel is from Pennsylvania and also lived in Illinois and Texas before settling in Arizona where he is an instructor in the College of Theology at GCU. He studied and worked in engineering, but later completed his M.Div. and served as a pastor for many years before eventually earning his D.Min. at Covenant Theological Seminary.

Faculty Spotlight

Who am I and how did God lead me here?
I became a Christian early in my first year at college when I was challenged through the ministry of the Navigators to give my life to Christ and follow Him. Since then, the trials of life have driven me ever deeper in my walk with Christ as I’ve been learning to let go and trust Him.

What do I enjoy most in the College of Theology and in my ministry?
What I most enjoy about my ministry in the College of Theology is helping students to understand the Gospel message, the grace of God and the love of Christ. I also enjoy the challenge of answering the questions of atheists in the classes I teach, with the hope that God may use me to open hearts.

What advice do I have for theology students?
My advice to theology students would be to not allow yourself to get bogged down in the academics, but to keep a balance of devotional life that will keep you focused on knowing God rather than knowing about God. Taking time to pray, worship and read Scripture are primary to cultivate faith and endure the many difficulties and afflictions that will surely come your way. Spend quality time under the shelter of God’s wings.

David Farbishel
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