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Dom Pachuilo
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Dom Pachuilo is an opportunity pursuer and experience enthusiast. Two days after his high school graduation, he was diagnosed with stage 4 acute lymphoblastic lymphoma but didn’t allow it to alter his lifestyle. After starting at Grand Canyon University, he immediately got heavily involved. He now manages the speaker acquisition process for GCU’s TEDx and is a liaison for the Honors College. Dom is also an officer in GCU’s Project Management Club and helped bring the Project Management Institute (PMI)® to GCU. Dom is a junior who aspires to be a project manager, author and leadership developer.

Who am I and how did I get to GCU?
To be honest, I attended GCU for a girl. Yes, I know I may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but I am proud to tell you we are still dating to this day! Okay, that may not have been the only reason… I am a Phoenix native and while I was attending high school, I had numerous opportunities to tour GCU’s campus. I fell in love with the vibe and the ability to not get lost in the number of students. Every time I visited I noticed how much the teachers invested in the students and it was exactly what I desired in my future university.

What do I enjoy most in the Honors College?
I am an opportunity pursuer, and the Honors College is an opportunity-producing machine! I love the Honors College not because of the added challenge, but because of the people it attracts and the opportunities they provide. The students within the Honors College are second to none. Each student is looking for new challenges and creative ways to improve themselves. Thankfully, the Honors College provides more than enough experiences to fulfill the cravings students have.

What advice do I have for students interested in joining the Honors College?
The advice that I would offer to any incoming Honors College students is to spend your time wisely. Students will often hear, “Get involved with as much as you can!” and I would respectfully disagree. I have run into numerous students who are president of 15 clubs, volunteer at the local animal shelter and are running for office. Each of those students is all wasting their precious time! All of these activities are fantastic, but when you are too involved you cannot give 110 percent effort. You will be too exhausted and tempted to cut corners. I recommend getting involved with a few things that are truly pushing you in the right direction. You will be less stressed and in complete control of your time.