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Ryan Brandt
Professor, College of Theology
Ryan A. Brandt is Professor of Christian History and Theology at Grand Canyon University. He also serves as managing editor of the Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies. Previously, he taught philosophy and theology at both Christian and secular colleges in Kentucky and Indiana. He is an editor and contributor for the books, Spiritual Formation for the Global Church: A Multi-Denominational, Multi-Ethnic Approach (IVP Academic, 2021) and Theological Interpretation of Scripture as Spiritual Formation (Brill, 2023). He also edited and contributed to volumes and special issues with several journals. His current research interests include spiritual formation, the beatific vision and theosis, contemplation, and theological interpretation of Scripture. In addition to theological research, he loves gardening, watching baseball and basketball, and astronomy. His wife, Laura, is an architectural-mechanical engineer, and they have two children, Evelyn and Aliya.