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Gabriela Marrama
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Gabriela Marrama is a senior in the Honors College at Grand Canyon University. She is an advertising and public relations major and hopes to continue her education and receive a master’s degree in either business or communications. She has a passion for people and enjoys creating community, which is why Gabriela hopes to one day work in the student engagement department at the university level. Gabriela serves as the lead marketing intern for the Honors College as well as the administrative vice president on ASGCU. In her spare time, she enjoys intramural sports, playing board games and eating Chick-fil-a.

Going to high school in Phoenix, GCU was a name that got thrown around quite often. However, as a freshman I attended Northern Arizona University. After going to school for a year in Flagstaff, I decided I wanted a change of pace, and I moved back to Phoenix to study at GCU. I have loved every minute of being at GCU and I am thankful to be able to learn at a school that also has such great community.

The opportunities that the Honors College provides for its students are endless. Whether it be internships, study abroad, mission trips or professional development workshops, the Honors College offers them all. Also, being in class with peers who have a desire to learn and are willing to dig deeper in topics allows for you to be challenged as a student. This opportunity for personal growth is a reason I am thankful to be a part of the GCU Honors College.

Just do it. It will be worth your time and effort in the classroom. Make the most of your four years at GCU and take advantage of every opportunity that the Honors College provides for its students. Get to know your professors; they truly want to invest in your education and they want to prepare you the best they can for the workforce. College is the most opportune time to try new things and grow as a person, and joining the Honors College is something you will not regret.